Joint Federal/State Task Force on Federal Assistance Policy


The Joint Federal/State Task Force on Federal Assistance Policy (JTF) was jointly charted by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in 2002. It currently meets every six months and comprises seven representatives of the USFWS and seven representatives of state fish and wildlife agencies.

The JTF is charged with addressing policy issues of national significance for programs involving:

  • Wildlife Restoration
  • Sport Fish Restoration
  • Hunter Education & Safety
  • Multistate Conservation
  • Clean Vessel Act
  • Boating Infrastructure
  • State Wildlife Grants
  • Landowner Incentive Grants

The USFWS and state agencies can bring issues to the JTF's attention.

The JTF normally evaluates issues involving inconsistent interpretation among USFWS regions of statutes, regulations, and policy; audit findings that require policy clarification(s); new or amended legislation that lacks detail, causing confusion and controversy; and new ways to streamline grant programs.