In 2015, the Association officially took ownership of the registered trademark for Clean Drain Dry from Wildlife Forever.  The Association maintains the trademark on behalf of all interested partners (Federal, State, NGO, Educational) who wish to use Clean Drain Dry to further invasive species education and outreach. 

Leading the fight against invasive species

Did you know that invasive species are one of the leading threats to native wildlife, endangered animals, agriculture, and even bodies of water? Organisms like sea lamprey, non-native carp, and zebra mussels are just a few examples of species with the potential to bring devastating harm to our lakArtboard-1600dpi-300x189.pnges, rivers, and streams. These invasive species can even damage equipment like our boats and our drains.

In partnership with multiple conservation organizations, Wildlife Forever leads the Clean Drain Dry Initiative to provide unified and consistent messaging, tools, and resources to  protect natural resources from invasive species. Check out the Clean Drain Dry Tools and Resources page for more information or click the links above. 

For questions about the  Clean, Drain, Dry trademark and its appropriate use, or to report potentially inappropriate use, please contact

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)- Clean Drain Dry

Clean Drain Dry Conservation Proclamation (May 2021)