The AFWA 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Approved September, 2020

Mission: To advocate for the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of our member agencies to manage fish and wildlife as public trust resources for current and future generations.

Providing conservation leadership for a sustainable, publicly supported future for fish and wildlife.

Community: We prioritize collegiality, cooperation, trust, and mutual support. Inclusiveness: We foster a culture that welcomes diverse people and ideas. Respect: We treat people with dignity, kindness, and fairness. Integrity: We are honest, reliable, and ethical. Collaboration: We work together to achieve shared goals and priorities.  Excellence: We commit ourselves to exemplary work.

Strategic Goals:

Goal 1: Advocate for funding, laws, regulations, and policies that fulfill the missions and capabilities of our members.

Goal 2: Increase participation, relevancy, diversity, and inclusiveness in fish and wildlife conservation and nature-based recreation.

Goal 3: Provide leadership in developing fish and wildlife conservation science and its application in decision and policy making.


Goal 4:   Attain comprehensive and dedicated funding for fish and wildlife conservation.

Goal 5 : Provide communication, training, and capacity-building to support member fish and wildlife agencies.

Goal 6: Improve fiscal and operational excellence of the Association