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Project WILD is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife. The goal of Project WILD is to assist learners of any age in developing awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment resulting in informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive actions concerning wildlife and the environment. 

A national network of state wildlife agency sponsors ensures that Project WILD is available nationwide and is providing professional development for formal and non-formal educators. From awareness to action, this hands-on approach to learning engages students in investigating the world around them, connecting them to conservation careers, and participating in solid STEM activities. 


Project WILD's mission is to help students learn how to think, not what to think, about wildlife and the environment. All curriculum materials are backed by sound educational practices and theory and represent the work of many within the fields of education and natural resource management from across the country.

Over 1 million educators in the U.S. have participated in Project WILD workshops. These educators have provided instruction to more than 48 million youths.

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Project_WILD_Swoosh_Logo-CMYK_2.jpg K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide

Aquatic WILD Logo-CMYK.jpg K-12 Curriculum & Activity Guide

Growing Up WILD Logo-CMYK.jpg Ages 3-7 Activity Guide

Flying WILD Logo-CMYK.jpg 6-8 Curriculum & Activity Guide

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