Harvest Information Program (HIP) Work Group

Committee Charge

In response to numerous challenges associated with Harvest Information Program data collection, sampling frames, and administration, in March 2016 the Bird Conservation Committee formed a Task Group with the following charge: Review current HIP procedures at both state and federal levels, specify objectives, and make recommendations to improve sample frames, modernize survey design, increase reliability of estimates, and control costs.

With AFWA’s acceptance of the Working Group’s draft report in September 2017 proposing a potential solution to improve HIP, the next phase of this Work Group’s charge will focus on overseeing the development and implementation of a pilot project to provide a proof of concept for a state-driven, nationally implemented system of migratory bird harvest data collection.

Minutes & Agendas

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Committee Contact Information

Committee Chair
Karen Waldrop, Chief Conservation Officer, Ducks Unlimited

Committee Vice-Chair
Josh Avey, Terrestrial Wildlife Branch Chief, Arizona Game and Fish Department

AFWA Staff Contact
Bradley Wilkinson



Draft Harvest Information Program Recommendations Report