Grassland Work Group

Committee Charge

In September 2016, the Bird Conservation Committee formed a work group to collaboratively address the significant declines faced by many grassland-associated bird species. The Grassland Work Group was charged with completing these tasks within two years:

1. Develop a resolution outlining the crisis and prioritizing grassland birds conservation by AFWA and participating states for consideration by the AFWA Resolutions Committee
2. Facilitate evaluation of tri-national grassland habitats and bird conservation efforts and develop a report with synopsis of current programs (goals, objectives, funding entities, etc.) and recommendations for collaboratively and collectively addressing declines in the broad suite of grassland birds,
3. Develop a National Conservation Need proposal to address grassland bird conservation needs currently identified by conservation partners and to operationally address potential new recommendations from the above evaluation, and
4. Encourage prioritization of grassland birds conservation in budgeting of federal agencies, and identify other sources of funding that could support grassland conservation work.

Work Group Teams

National Conservation Need Development Team
Contact: Greg Link,

Resolution Development Team
Contact: Alicia Hardin,

Gap Analysis/Evaluation Team
Contact: Jim Giocomo,

Funding Team

General Contact Information

AFWA Staff Contact
Susana Mateos

Work Group Chair
Bill White, Missouri Department of Conservation

Work Group Vice-Chair
Greg Link, North Dakota Game and Fish Department