Feral and Free-Ranging Cat Working Group

Committee Charge

Formed by AFWA in March 2016, this interdisciplinary Work Group is furthering AFWA Resolution 1997-05-08 “Control and Management of Feral and Free-ranging Cats.” The Bird Conservation Committee and Fish and Wildlife Health Committee play leadership roles in this Work Group, and representatives from AFWA’s Amphibians and Reptile Conservation, Education/Outreach/Diversity, Invasive Species, Law Enforcement, Legal, and Wildlife Resource Policy Committees participate. Specifically, the Work Group was charged with the following tasks:

  1. Review regulatory language and identify current restrictions on release, feeding, and/or maintaining feral and free-ranging cats on state lands managed for native wildlife conservation purposes;
  2. Identify existing regulations for domestic animals that may encompass feral and free-ranging cats;
  3. Propose responses by state agencies lacking regulations making it unlawful to maintain, release, and/or feed feral and free-ranging cats;
  4. Provide examples of successful methods state agencies are using to remove feral and free-ranging cats from conservation lands;
  5. Provide examples of successful partnerships between wildlife advocates and cat advocates to help state agencies develop outreach strategies;

In September 2017, the charge of this Work Group was extended to include:

  1. Analyze compilation of state laws and administrative rules pertaining to feral and free-ranging cats;
  2. Distribute a survey, which can be answered anonymously, asking states about feral cat challenges and methods of addressing feral cats on state lands; and
  3. Develop Best Management Practices for addressing feral and free-ranging cat issues on state lands managed for wildlife.

Minutes & Agendas

September 2018 Meeting Agenda

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies September 2017 Annual Meeting

2017 Meeting Notes

Committee Contact Information

Committee Chair
Sara Schweitzer, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Committee Vice-Chair
Colin Gillin, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

AFWA Staff Contacts
Dr. Judith Scarl
Lane Kisonak
Priya Nanjappa