Legal Committee

Committee Charge

The principal responsibilities of the Legal Committee are to advise the Executive Committee and the Association's General Counsel on legal matters which they believe are deserving of the expenditure of the Association's time, effort, and funding.

A request for the Association to enter into legal action is brought before the Legal Committee to determine whether the proposal has national significance. These proposals generally include the filing of a brief as amicus curiae in a case involving state authority to manage fish and wildlife. The Committee also may recommend passage of an Association resolution, or refer a substantial report on an emerging issue of interest to the Association as a whole.

This committee deliberates on items brought before it by individual members and makes recommendations to the Association's Executive Committee on the significance and implications of a proposed action. The Executive Committee may then elect to refer these recommendations to the directors for action at the Annual Meeting or North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference.

Minutes & Agendas

Minutes and agendas for the Legal Committee may be provided upon request. For more information, please contact Lane Kisonak.

Committee Contact Information

AFWA Staff Contact
Lane Kisonak

Committee Chair
Martha Williams, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Committee Vice-Chair
Chris Tymeson, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism

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