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Definition of Take and Taking - Alaska

(35) “take” means taking, pursuing, hunting, fishing, trapping, or in any manner disturbing, capturing, or killing or attempting to take, pursue, hunt, fish, trap, or in any manner capture or kill fish or game;

Definition of Take and Taking - Arizona

20. “Take” means pursuing, shooting, hunting, fishing, trapping, killing, capturing, snaring or netting wildlife or the placing or using of any net or other device or trap in a manner that may result in the capturing or killing of wildlife.

Definition of Take and Taking - Colorado

(43) “Take” means to acquire possession of wildlife; but such term shall not include the accidental wounding or killing of wildlife by a motor vehicle, vessel, or train.

Definition of Take and Taking - Connecticut

(20) “Taking” means shooting, pursuing, hunting, fishing, killing, capturing, trapping, snaring, hooking and netting any species of wildlife and attempting to shoot, pursue, hunt, fish, kill, capture, trap...

Definition of Take and Taking - Florida

(38) “Take” means taking, attempting to take, pursuing, hunting, molesting, capturing, or killing any wildlife or freshwater or saltwater fish, or their nests or eggs, by any means, whether or not such...

Definition of Take and Taking - Idaho

(i) “Take” means hunt, pursue, catch, capture, shoot, fish, seine, trap, kill, or possess or any attempt to so do.