Sort daily items into categories of "wants" and "needs" to examine what humans and wildlife need to survive.

In Step with STEM Resources

Den Designers 

WILD Work Job Profiles and Videos

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologist - Career Specialist 
Wildlife Biologist: Job Description and Career Info
United States Department of Labor: Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists 
FWS Careers - Wildlife Biologist
Basic Sampling Techniques - Counting Deers
Jennifer Bakke, Wildlife Biologist
Find Your Path: Wildlife Biologist
Colorado Parks & Wildlife: Biologist
Environmental Science: What is a Wildlife Biologist?
What Is a Wildlife Biologist?
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Freshwater Mussels

Landscape Architect

Landscape Engineer: Job Description, Duties, and Requirements
Your Path to Landscape Architecture 
Become a Landscape Architect 
Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes
Zoo Jobs: Meet a Landscape Architect
United States Department of Labor: Landscape Architect
The Metropolitan Field Guide
Landscape Architecture Magazine 
I want to be a landscape architect
Eddie George on Careers in Landscape Architecture
Science Buddies: Landscape Architect

Environmental Engineer

PG&E Improves Wetland Habitat in Shasta County
United States Department of Labor: Environmental Engineers