Conduct a field investigation of a stream or pond using sampling techniques in order to assess the environmental quality of the water body.

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Aquatic Conditions Fact Sheet
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WILD Work Job Profiles and Videos
Fisheries Biologist

A job Description for a Fisheries Biologist
Fishery biologist career in action– Day in the life, job description, skills, responsibilities (FWS)
Videos of Department Fisheries Biologists at Work

Conservation Biologist

What is the Job Description of a Conservation Biologist
Conservation Biology
What Is Conservation Biology?
Brian Gratwicke, Amphibian Advocate
Protecting Sea Turtles from the BP Oil Spill 
Endangered Mussels Released into the Clinch River

A biologist speaks about Spotted Turtles research and conservation
USDA Living Science Conservation Biologist

Waste Management Officer

Waste Management Officer

Environmental Scientist

What Does an Environmental Scientist Do?
Become an Environmental Scientist