Research ways in which dams affect salmon migration and then design dams that allow for salmon survival.

WILD Work Job Profiles and Videos
Civil Engineer

              United States Department of Labor

              What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Hydraulic Engineer

How to Become a Hydraulic Engineer

Environmental Engineer

PG&E Improves Wetland Habitat in Shasta County

United States Department of Labor: Environmental Engineers

Fisheries Biologist

A job Description for a Fisheries Biologist

Fishery biologist career in action– Day in the life, job description, skills, responsibilities (FWS)

Videos of Department Fisheries Biologists at Work

Land Surveyor

Be a Surveyor

Surveying - A Life Without Limits

Land Surveyor: Thinking of Entering the Land Surveying Career Field?

Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Land Surveyor

Your Career as a Land Surveyor

United States Department of Labor: Surveyors

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Engineer a dam