Flying WILD - Birds Across the Curriculum


Introduce upper elementary and middle level students to the fascinating subject of birds. Flying WILD uses topics around bird migration, stewardship, adaptations, and habitat to engage learners' interest in standards-based classroom activities and environmental stewardship projects. Flying WILD's award winning content is thoroughly tested and standards aligned. For more information, go to


Connecting learning to the fascinating world of birds presents educators with many opportunities to tap into students' motivation to learn. Birds capture our imaginations and stir our curiosity with their incredible diversity of forms and colors, their powers of flight, and abilities to navigate long-distance migrations. From urban landscapes to wilderness, birds are often the most readily observable wildlife. They provide a natural inroad for students to start learning about wildlife, habitat, and environmental stewardship.

The eight activities in this cross-curricular module provide an introduction into learning about the ecology of birds.