Wildlife Diseases - Prohibited Activities and Actions - Michigan

(b) No person shall sell, barter, offer for sale, or move, transport, deliver, ship, or offer for shipment, into or within this state any living insects in any stage of their development, or living fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses or other living plant parasitic organisms without first obtaining a permit from the commissioner of agriculture.; Sec. 29a. (1) Aquaculture imported into this state shall be accompanied by 1 of the following issued by an accredited veterinarian: (a) Official interstate health certificate. (b) Official interstate certificate of veterinary inspection. (c) Fish disease inspection report. (2) A person shall not import aquaculture from a hatchery or other facility with a record of an emergency fish disease within the past 2 years. (3) A person shall not import aquaculture exhibiting clinical signs of disease.;

Citation:  M.C.L.A. 286.218; M.C.L.A. 287.729a;