Wildlife Diseases - Prohibited Activities and Actions - Iowa

1. Unless application is first made in writing to the commission for a permit and a permit is granted, a person, firm, or corporation shall not, except as otherwise provided, bring into the state of Iowa for the purpose of propagating or introducing, or place or introduce into any of the inland or boundary waters of the state, any fish or spawn thereof that are not native to such waters, or introduce or stock any bird or naimal.

2. A permit shall be granted only after the commission has made such investigation or inspection of the fish, birds, or animals as the commission may deem necessary to determine whether or not such fish, birds, or animals are free from disease and whether or not such introduction will be beneficial or detrimental to the native wildlife and the people of the state, and may or may not approve such planting, releasing, or introduction according to its findings.

3. Nothing in this section shall prohibit licensed game breeders from securing native or exotic birds or animals from outside the state and bringing them into the state and a game breeder shall not be required to have a permit as provided in this section when such birds or animals are not released to the wild but are held on the game breeder's premises as breeding stock.

Citation: I.C.A. § 481A.47.


6. Aquaculture units shall not import live fish, viable eggs, or semen of any species of the salmonid family (trout, salmon, or char) and ictalurid family (catfishes and bullheads), including hybrids, unless the owner or operator possesses a fish importation permit. For the species listed in this subsection only, importation permits shall not be issued unless the fish, eggs, or semen have been inspected by the department and found to be free of disease detrimental to the state's fishery resources. The owner or operator of an aquaculture unit must provide a statement certifying the fish listed in this subsection or their eggs or semen to be disease free, and include the date of inspection. Certification is not required for other fish species, but the department may require inspection at any time. The department shall establish, by rule, those diseases detrimental to the state's fishery resources and the location of authorized certified pathologists for inspection.

Citation: I.C.A. § 481A.143.