Wildlife Diseases - Process of Inspection - Nevada

1. The Department shall, if necessary or if a complaint is made to the Department, cause an inspection to be conducted of any premises, land, means of conveyance or article of any person in this State if it is found to be infested with any pest, noxious weed or plant disease that is injurious to: (a) The public health or quality of any water in this State(,) or (b) Any wildlife, beneficial use of land or agriculture in this State. 2. The Department may provide a written notice of its findings to the owner or occupant of the premises, land, means of conveyance or article and require the owner or occupant to control the pest, noxious weed or plant disease in the manner and within the period specified in the notice. 3. A notice issued pursuant to the provisions of subsection 2: (a) May be served upon the owner or occupant by an officer or employee of the Department(,) and (b) Must be served in writing, by certified mail or personally, with receipt given therefor.; If any animal becomes infected with any infectious, contagious or parasitic disease as defined by rules and regulations adopted by the State Quarantine Officer, the owner or agent in charge of the infected animal, or any inspector of the Department or any practicing veterinarian who has knowledge of the infected animal, shall immediately notify the State Quarantine Officer. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 239.0115, a notification of disease received pursuant to this section must be kept confidential unless: 1. The reported disease is: (a) Specifically regulated pursuant to NRS 571.130 for mandatory control and eradication to protect the public health, other animals or wildlife(,) or (b) Trichomonosis in cattle(,) or 2. The State Quarantine Officer determines that a public health emergency exists.; “Animal” means any living creature other than a member of the human race.;

Citation:  N.R.S. 555.100; N.R.S. 571.160; N.R.S. 571.017;