Wildlife Diseases - Process of Inspection - California

Reports of those diseases and parasites compiled pursuant to Section 15500 shall be immediately forwarded by the director to the Aquaculture Disease Committee and shall be promptly investigated by the department.

Citation: Cal. Fish & Game Code § 15508.

If the department finds any infected, diseased, or parasitized fish, amphibia, or aquatic plants within this State, the department shall post notices describing, as nearly as possible, the boundaries of the area within which the fish, amphibia, or aquatic plants are found, and shall state the period during which the taking, carrying, and transportation of the fish, amphibia, or aquatic plants from the area shall be unlawful. The fact of posting the notices shall be published once a week for four successive weeks in some newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the infected area is situated, and, if there is no such newspaper in that county, then in a newspaper of general circulation published in an adjoining county.

Citation: Cal. Fish & Game Code § 6304.