Wildlife Diseases - Process of Inspection - Arkansas


(1) Whenever an apiary has been inspected and found apparently free from American foulbrood or other dangerous, contagious, or infectious bee diseases, and all other provisions of this chapter have been complied with, a certificate of inspection shall be issued.

(2) The certificate of inspection shall be valid for a period of one (1) year following the date of its issuance. (3) A valid certificate of inspection shall be deemed as a blanket permit to move the hives from place to place within the state.

(b) Should, upon inspection or laboratory analysis, any of the diseases described in § 2-22-106(a) be determined to exist in an apiary, it shall be the duty of the State Plant Board to cause the colony to be treated or disinfected or to destroy it, or cause it to be destroyed, by fire, including the hives, frames, honey, wax, and brood.


(1) If an abandoned apiary is found upon inspection to be diseased, the board shall cause it to be immediately destroyed by burning.


(A) An apiary may be considered abandoned only after reasonable attempts have been made to determine ownership.

(B) Attempts to determine ownership are to at least include the questioning of the owner, lessee, or renter of the land on which the apiary is discovered.

(d) After inspection of infected bees or fixtures or after handling diseased bees and before leaving the premises or proceeding to any other apiary, the apiary inspector shall take such measures as shall prevent the spread of the disease by infected material adhering to his or her person or clothing or to any tools or appliances used by him or her which have come in contact with infected materials.

(e) Upon request, additional inspections shall be made by the inspector of bees, colonies of bees, queen bees and their attendants, or hives, supers, or other equipment used in bee culture.;

Citation:  A.C.A. § 2-22-107;