Wildlife Diseases - Process of Inspection - Arizona

A. The department shall test all cloven-hoofed wildlife it introduces or imports into this state, and all cloven-hoofed big game transported and released in this state for the purpose of creating new or expanding existing populations, for presence of diseases that can be transmitted to livestock. The tests to be conducted shall be determined by consultation with the state veterinarian. The department shall treat and cure all wildlife infected with any known disease that can be transmitted to livestock before the wildlife are released in this state. B. Before introducing or importing cloven-hoofed wildlife into this state, or transporting and releasing cloven-hoofed big game in this state for purposes of creating new or expanding existing populations, the department shall determine the potential for livestock and domestic animals infecting the wildlife and, if possible, immunize the wildlife before they are released in this state.; B. The state veterinarian, a veterinarian, a veterinarian laboratory professional or a wildlife professional shall report any case of animal illness or death due to the disease or other health condition designated in the enhanced surveillance advisory to the department or local health authority. The report shall include the species and number of affected animals and the name and address of the reporting veterinarian, veterinarian laboratory professional or wildlife professional. . . . D. The reports must be in writing or by any method directed by the department or local public health authority and must be submitted within twenty-four hours after identifying the reportable circumstance. All persons required to report under this section must cooperate with the department and local health authority in effecting the enhanced surveillance advisory. Failure to report pursuant to this section is an act of unprofessional conduct. E. The department and local public health authority shall maintain as confidential: 1. Any information or a particular part of information provided under this section that, if made public, would divulge the trade secrets of a person or business. 2. Other information likely to cause substantial harm to the person’s or business’ competitive position. F. The local health authority shall immediately notify the department of any reports received during the period of an enhanced surveillance advisory.;

Citation:  A.R.S. § 17-318; A.R.S. § 36-783;