Wildlife Diseases - Process of Inspection - Alaska

(a) The division shall investigate reported cases of diseased bees and cases of diseased bees discovered by the division.; (a) The department shall order the quarantine or the destruction and disposal of diseased hatchery stock or of aquatic farm products when necessary to protect wild stock. A holder of a permit issued under AS 16.40.100 shall report to the department an outbreak or incidence of disease among stock or aquatic farm products of the permit holder within 48 hours after discovering the outbreak or incidence. (b) A holder of a permit issued under AS 16.40.100 shall allow the department to inspect the permit holder's farm or hatchery during operating hours and upon reasonable notice. The cost of inspection shall be borne by the department. (c) The department shall develop a disease management and control program for aquatic farms and hatcheries. (d) The department may enter into an agreement with a state or federal agency or a private, state-certified provider to provide services under (b) and (c) of this section, or inspections under AS 16.40.110(b).;

Citation:  AS § 03.47.030; AS § 16.40.150;