Wildlife Diseases - Permitting Provisions - Maryland

(c)(1) The Department, by regulation, shall govern and prescribe the size of the area, the method of hunting, the open and closed seasons, the release, possession, and use of propagated wildlife, and any reports the Department deems necessary. (2) The Department shall require each person holding a regulated shooting ground permit to file a report with the Department, on forms provided by the Department, by April 30 of each year for the most recently concluded hunting season. The report shall include: . . . (iv) Any outbreaks of avian influenza or other diseases in the captive raised birds raised, released, or captured on the regulated shooting ground. . . . (6) The permittee shall allow the Department or the Department's representative to: . . . (ii) Culture or biochemical test these samples for the presence of avian diseases;

Citation:  MD Code, Natural Resources, § 10-906;