Wildlife Diseases - Permitting Provisions - Maine

1. Issuance. The commissioner may grant permits to import live mallard ducks, quail, Chukar partridge and Hungarian partridge to operators of commercial shooting areas.

2. Application. When requesting permission to import these birds, an importer shall:

A. Provide the commissioner with information on the number of the birds to be imported and the name and address of the seller; and

B. Furnish the commissioner with a statement from an approved veterinarian or from the Department of Agriculture or from the conservation department of the state from which the birds are imported certifying that they are from flocks that have been tested for infectious or contagious disease and have not been exposed to that disease during the 6 months prior to importation.

Citation: 12 M.R.S.A. § 12102.


2. Permits and regulations on importing for introduction. The commissioner may grant a permit to import for introduction, possess for purposes of introduction or introduce to the coastal waters a live marine organism if the introduction, importation or possession will not endanger the indigenous marine life or its environment. Prior to granting a permit to introduce a nonindigenous organism, that has not been previously introduced under a permit, the commissioner shall hold a hearing. The commissioner may adopt or amend rules governing the importing and introduction of organisms to the coastal waters and the issuing of permits, to the extent required to prevent the introduction of bacteria, fungus, virus or any other infectious or contagious disease or parasite, predator or other organism that may be dangerous to indigenous marine life or its environment...

Citation: 12 M.R.S.A. § 6071.

1. Permit required. Except as otherwise authorized pursuant to this Part, a person may not introduce, import or transport any live fish or gametes into the State or receive or have in that person's possession fish or gametes so introduced, imported or transported without a valid permit issued under this section...

3. Application. Importers shall, when requesting a permit issued pursuant to subsection 2, provide the commissioner with the following information:

A. The number and species to be imported; 

B. The name and address of the source; 

C. A statement from a fish health inspector certified by the American Fisheries Society, a fish pathologist certified by the American Fisheries Society or a licensed accredited veterinarian, certifying that the fish or gametes are from sources that show no evidence of viral hemorrhagic septicemia, infectious pancreatic necrosis, infectious hematopoietic necrosis, Myxosomo cerebralis or other diseases that may threaten fish stocks within the State; and

D. Other professionally recognized tests or analyses, including evaluation of fish health, habitat or population management issues that the commissioner may require by rule to ensure that the species will not pose an unreasonable risk to any species of fish or other organism.

Citation: 12 M.R.S.A. § 12509.