Wildlife Diseases - Permitting Provisions - Florida

(1) Each biological product intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes for animals which is manufactured for sale or sold in the state shall first be officially approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and shall have written permission of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services prior to sale in the state. (2) The following biological products for animals shall not be manufactured for sale, sold, or distributed in the state without written permission of the department: (a) Virulent hog cholera virus(,) (b) Modified live virus hog cholera vaccine(,) (c) Inactivated (killed virus type) hog cholera vaccine(,) (d) Contagious ecthyma vaccine(,) (e) Fowl laryngotracheitis vaccine(,) (f) Anthrax spore vaccine(,) (g) Brucella abortus vaccine(,) (h) Brucella abortus antigen(,) (i) Pseudorabies vaccine(,) (j) Pseudorabies antigen(,) (k) Equine infectious anemia antigen(,) or (l) Any other biological product which the department may by rule prohibit. (3) Any biological product for animals which is used or proposed to be used in a field test in this state must be approved for such use by the department. Before issuing approval, the department shall consult with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission if wildlife are involved and the Department of Health if the disease may affect humans.;

Citation:  West's F.S.A. § 585.21;