Wildlife Diseases - Enforcement and Penalties - Arkansas

(a)(1) For the enforcement of this chapter, the apiary inspector shall have, where any apiary is located or any bees, combs, or apiary appliances are kept, the authority to enter upon any private or public premises with right of access, ingress, and egress for the purpose of ascertaining the existence of the disease known as American foulbrood or European foulbrood or any other disease which is infectious or contagious and injurious to bees in their egg, larval, pupal, or adult stages. (2)(A) Prior to exercising that authority, the inspector must afford the beekeeper the opportunity to be present during the inspection by serving notice of the date and time of inspection at least five (5) days prior to the inspection. (B) The five-day period may be abbreviated upon the mutual consent of the inspector and the beekeeper. (b) Beekeepers aggrieved by the actions of an inspector may appeal the inspector's action to the State Plant Board at the board's next meeting.;

Citation:  A.C.A. § 2-22-106;