Wildlife Diseases - Enforcement and Penalties - Arizona

A. If a wildlife disease is suspected or documented in freeranging or captive wildlife, the director may issue orders that are necessary to minimize or eliminate the threat from the disease. The director may also order or direct an employee of the department to: 1. After notification of and in coordination with the state veterinarian, establish quarantines and the boundary of the quarantine. 2. Destroy wildlife as necessary to prevent the spread of any infectious, contagious or communicable disease. 3. Control the movement of wildlife, wildlife carcasses or wildlife parts that may be directly related to spreading or disseminating diseases that pose a health threat to animals or humans. 4. Require any individual who has taken wildlife, who is in possession of wildlife or who maintains wildlife under a license issued by the department to submit the wildlife or parts for disease testing. B. On finding there is reason to believe an infectious, contagious or communicable disease is present, the director may require an employee of the department to enter any place where wildlife may be located and take custody of the wildlife for purposes of disease testing. If search warrants are required by law, the director shall apply for and obtain warrants for entry to carry out the requirements of this subsection. C. A person who violates any lawful order issued under this section is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. D. An order issued under this section is exempt from title 41, chapter 6, article 3,1 except that the director shall promptly file a copy of the order with the secretary of state for publication in the Arizona administrative register pursuant to § 41-1013.;

Citation:  A.R.S. § 17-250;