Wildlife Diseases - Enforcement and Penalties - Alaska

(b) A forest landowner may not conduct or approve timber clearing activities that create conditions fostering outbreaks of infestation or infection that threaten forest resources on forest land belonging to another person. If the commissioner finds, after notice and hearing, that there has been a violation of this subsection, the commissioner may require the forest landowner, at that person's expense, to (1) remove promptly or cure the conditions fostering outbreaks of infestation or infection(,) and (2) undertake environmentally sound, effective, and cost-efficient actions to control the infestation or infection in the immediate vicinity of the improper timber clearing activity. (c) If a forest landowner does not comply with a final order of the commissioner under (b)(1) or (b)(2) of this section, the commissioner may enter onto the land and undertake the actions ordered and the landowner is liable for the cost of the actions. The commissioner shall deliver to the landowner an itemized statement of expenses incurred.;

Citation:  AS § 41.17.082;