Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - Wisconsin

(2) Departmental rules(,) studies(,) surveys(,) services(,) powers(,) long-range planning. The department may promulgate such rules, inaugurate such studies, investigations and surveys, and establish such services as it deems necessary to carry out the provisions and purposes of this section. The department shall establish long-range plans, projects and priorities for conservation. The department may: . . . (p) Disease control. Require any person to provide the department with disease sample tissue or disease sample data derived from a wild animal, as defined in s. 29.001(90), if the department decides that the tissue or data is needed to determine the existence or extent of a disease in wild animals in this state.; (2) The department shall enter into memoranda of understanding with the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection, the department of safety and professional services, and the department of natural resources regarding the investigation and control of animal-borne and vector-borne disease. (3) The department shall promulgate rules that establish measures for prevention, surveillance and control of human disease that is associated with animal-borne and vector-borne disease transmission. (4) The local health department shall enforce rules that are promulgated under sub. (3). (5) The local board of health may adopt regulations and recommend enactment of ordinances that set forth requirements for animal-borne and vector-borne disease control to assure a safe level of sanitation, human health hazard control or health protection for the community, including the following: (a) The control of rats, stray animals, noise and rabies and other diseases. (b) The control of wildlife, including the keeping of dangerous wild animals, disease transmission and human health hazard control and eradication. (c) Pest control, including community sanitation, rodent and vector control, resident responsibilities and the health impact of pesticide use.; (1) The department may manage, and provide funding to conduct testing for, chronic wasting disease in cervids.;

Citation: W.S.A. 23.09; W.S.A. 254.51; W.S.A. 29.063