Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - Washington

The commission may prohibit the introduction, transportation or transplanting of fish, shellfish, organisms, material, or other equipment which in the commission's judgment may transmit any disease or pests affecting fish or shellfish.; The definitions in this section apply throughout this title or rules adopted under this title unless the context clearly requires otherwise. (8) “Commission” means the state fish and wildlife commission. (14) “Department” means the department of fish and wildlife. (15) “Director” means the director of fish and wildlife.; The department and the department of natural resources shall coordinate their sudden oak death syndrome response efforts with other plant pest agencies and private organizations to exchange information, monitor the confirmed incidences of the disease, and take action as appropriate under existing plant pest control authorities to prevent the introduction of the disease into Washington and to control or eradicate the disease if it is determined to be present in the state.; (1) The commission may adopt, amend, or repeal rules as follows: . . . (d) Regulating the importation, transportation, possession, disposal, landing, and sale of wildlife, fish, shellfish, or seaweed within the state, whether acquired within or without the state. However, the rules of the department must prohibit any person, including department staff, from translocating a live elk from an area with elk affected by hoof disease to any other location except: (i) Consistent with a process developed by the department with input from the affected federally recognized tribes for translocation for monitoring or hoof disease management purposes(,) or (ii) Within an elk herd management plan area affected by hoof disease. (e) Regulating the prevention and suppression of diseases and pests affecting wildlife, fish, or shellfish.; (1) The director shall supervise the prevention of the spread and the suppression of infectious, contagious, communicable, and dangerous diseases affecting animals within, in transit through, and imported into the state.; The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise. (6) “Department” means the department of agriculture of the state of Washington. (8) “Director” means the director of the department or his or her authorized representative.;

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