Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - South Dakota

If written notice is given to the owner or keeper of any animal that a quarantine is established, the Animal Industry Board may take any action necessary to control, prevent, suppress and eradicate any contagious, infectious, epidemic and communicable disease and infestation of destructive parasites among the domestic and nondomestic animals of this state. The board may regulate or prohibit the importation, release to the wild, sale, loan, lease or other distribution or translocation of any animal into and within the state to ensure documentation as disease-free. The Animal Industry Board may regulate or prohibit such transactions between and among private entities, local government agencies, state government agencies, federal government agencies and nonprofit and other corporations, including, but not limited to, game farms, game preserves, zoos, exhibitions, sales, humane societies and rehabilitation facilities.;

Citation:  S.D. Codified Laws § 40-5-8;