Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - South Carolina

(A) The department [of natural resources], after consulting with the State Livestock-Poultry Health Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture Veterinarian in Charge for South Carolina and after a reasonable attempt at landowner notification, may carry out operations including quarantines, destruction of wildlife, or other measures to locate, detect, control, eradicate, or retard the spread of diseases of wildlife independently or in cooperation with counties, special purpose districts, municipalities, property owner's associations or similar organizations, individuals, federal agencies, or agencies of other states, by regulation, compliance agreement, judicial action, or other appropriate means. The State shall not be required to indemnify the property owner for any wildlife taken as a result of this action. For the purposes of this section, landowner notification can occur by means of a telephone call, in person, or in writing.

(B) The department, in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act and in order to ensure the continued health and safety of wildlife, may promulgate and enforce reasonable regulations to control or prohibit the shipment within, export from, or import into this State any wildlife, carcasses, or associated products of any nature or character from a state, territory, or foreign country when, in the opinion of the department, the regulation or prohibition is necessary to prevent the introduction or distribution of a disease or diseased, infirmed, or unhealthy wildlife.

(C) Department personnel and their designees are authorized to euthanize sick or injured wildlife.

Citation: Code 1976 § 50-11-105.


If the department determines that, due to size, disease, or other extraordinary factors, a particular population of a species located in, on, or around a sanctuary described above constitutes a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public or to itself, or other species in, on, or around the sanctuary, it may authorize the taking of a sufficient number of species to reduce or eliminate the threat. The wildlife must be taken by department personnel or other persons acting under their supervision and the authorization for the taking limits the number of animals taken and the days, times, and methods to be used.

Citation: Code 1976 § 50-11-880.