Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - North Dakota

In accordance with chapter 37-17.1, the governor may declare an animal health emergency upon determining that the wildlife of this state are at risk from diseases imported by foreign animals, a foreign animal disease, bioterrorism event, or an emerging animal disease. Upon the declaration of an animal health emergency the governor, after consultation with the state veterinarian or state board of animal health, may order the sampling, destruction, and disposition of wildlife populations, as the governor deems necessary to abate the animal health emergency.; The director may: . . . 13. Adopt rules, and issue permits for the transporting or introducing of fish, fish eggs, small game, big game, or fur-bearers after determining that the fish, fish eggs, birds, or animals have been properly inspected for disease, and that the transplanting or introduction will be in compliance with state laws and rules. No person may transplant or introduce any fish or fish eggs into any of the public waters of this state, or transplant or introduce any species of small game, big game, or fur-bearers into this state without obtaining a permit from the director.;

Citation:  NDCC, 20.1-08-04.11; NDCC, 20.1-02-05;