Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - Georgia

(a) The board shall have the authority to regulate the importation, transportation, sale, and possession of wild animals when and to the extent that the importation, transportation, sale, or possession poses a possibility of:

(1) Harmful competition for wildlife; 

(2) The introduction of a disease or pest harmful to wildlife; 

(3) Problems of enforcement of laws and regulations relating to wildlife; 

(4) Danger to wildlife or other natural resources; or

(5) Danger to the physical safety of human beings.

(b) The board is specifically authorized to supplement the list of wild animals set forth in this chapter for which a permit or license, or both, is required.

(c) The board shall have the authority to require that any listed wild animal that is imported, transported, possessed, sold, or transferred by any person, including wild animal dealers, be labeled with the correct species, number, age, or other relevant information.

(d) The board shall have the authority to require an applicant for a permit or license required under this chapter to supply such information and to supply it in such form as the board deems necessary for the department to discharge its responsibilities under this chapter.

Citation: Ga. Code Ann. § 27-5-2.


(d) The department may quarantine or otherwise dispose of or order the disposition of any wild animal when it determines that the wild animal is affected with or exposed to a contagious or infectious disease or is infested with a parasite or pest harmful to wildlife.

(e) The department shall have the authority, based upon the standards set forth in Code Section 27-5-6, to determine if the necessary facilities, conditions, and standards prescribed by this chapter are sufficient for safety to the public and for the humane handling, care, confinement, and transportation of the wild animal for which application for a permit or license, or both, has been received. The department shall be authorized to make such determinations by inspecting the facilities of the permit or license holder. Following such determination, the department also has the authority to condition the license or permit so that the standards and intent of this chapter are met.

(f) The department is authorized to capture and contain any wild animal regulated by this chapter which has escaped or been released when such wild animal is determined by the department to pose a risk to Georgia's wildlife or other natural resources or to the citizens of and visitors to this state.

Citation: Ga. Code Ann. § 27-5-3.

The board shall have the following powers and duties relative to this title:..

(3) Promulgation of rules and regulations to protect wildlife, the public, and the natural resources of this state in the event of fire, flood, disease, pollution, or other emergency situation without complying with Chapter 13 of Title 50, the “Georgia Administrative Procedure Act.” Such rules and regulations shall have the force and effect of law upon promulgation by the board.

Citation: Ga. Code Ann. § 27-1-4. 

The Commissioner of Agriculture is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations as may be necessary to effectuate the purpose of this article. Such rules and regulations shall be promulgated after consultation with the Department of Natural Resources and shall be designed to ensure the health and safety of wildlife and prevent the spread of animal diseases between wildlife, wild animals, domestic animals, farmed deer, and people. It shall be the duty of the Commissioner, the Department of Agriculture, the Board of Natural Resources, the commissioner of natural resources, and the Department of Natural Resources to communicate and consult on matters of mutual concern so as to ensure the health and safety of farmed deer, wildlife, wild animals, domestic animals, and people and to prevent, control, and eradicate animal diseases within this state.

Citation: Ga. Code Ann. § 4-4-177.