Wildlife Diseases - Authority & Jurisdiction - Alaska

In this chapter, (2) “division” means the division of the department with responsibility for agriculture; (e) The division shall adopt regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.; (a) The department shall order the quarantine or the destruction and disposal of diseased hatchery stock or of aquatic farm products when necessary to protect wild stock.; (d) The commissioner may undertake surveys and appraisals to obtain data on regional insect infestations and disease conditions. Upon a determination that an area is infested with forest insects or infected with diseases injurious to forest resources and that the infestation or infection threatens the forest land or timber of adjacent owners, the commissioner may establish the boundaries of an infestation or infection zone. The commissioner may enter into an agreement with an owner or with a governmental agency to control or suppress infestation or infection within the zone. Upon a determination by the commissioner that insect and disease control work within the zone is no longer necessary or feasible, the commissioner shall terminate the zone.;

Citation:  AS § 03.47.040; AS § 03.47.030; AS § 16.40.150; AS § 41.17.082;