Wildlife Diseases - Acceptable Methods of Eradication & Reduction of Diseases - New Hampshire

The commissioner may quarantine the premises upon which there is a domestic animal or captive wildlife infected with any contagious or infectious disease, or that is suspected of being so infected, or that has been exposed to such disease, and may forbid the removal of any such animal or wildlife or any animals or wildlife susceptible to such disease by serving a written order upon the owner or person in possession of said premises or by posting a copy of such order at the premises' usual entrance. Such animal or wildlife or animals or wildlife shall be kept under quarantine for such periods of time as the commissioner may deem necessary to prevent the spread of the suspected disease to other animals off the quarantined premises. The commissioner may determine the length of quarantine based upon the recommendations of the United States Animal Health Association and the United States Department of Agriculture.; The state veterinarian may authorize the application of vaccines and treatments for zoonotic diseases to wildlife within the state through baiting or other methods. The state veterinarian may solicit information pertaining to such vaccines and treatments, and coordinate the use and application of vaccines and treatments with the fish and game department, the department of environmental services, the department of health and human services, and the department of resources and economic development.;

Citation:  N.H. Rev. Stat. § 436:35; N.H. Rev. Stat. § 436-A:1;