Wildlife Diseases - Acceptable Methods of Eradication & Reduction of Diseases - California

Regulations recommended under Section 15503 and adopted by the commission may include all of the following:

(a) Routine monitoring procedures.

(b) Standardized diagnostic procedures.

(c) A requirement for the confirmation of the diagnosis by the state through at least one other independent and qualified laboratory.

(d) Criteria for ordering quarantine, condemnation, or destruction.

(e) A stated maximum time period between diagnosis and destruction.

(f) Methods to be employed in animal destruction and facility cleanup.

(g) Procedures for determining fair and rapid compensation.

(h) Any other related procedures that the commission may determine are necessary.

Citation: Cal. Fish & Game Code § 15504.

(a) If during inspection upon arrival any wild animal is found to be diseased, or there is reason to suspect the presence of disease, or there is reason to suspect the presence of disease that is or may be detrimental to agriculture, to native wildlife, or to the public health or safety, the diseased animal, and if necessary, the entire shipment shall be destroyed by, or under the supervision of, the enforcing officer, unless no detriment can be caused by its detention in quarantine for a time and under conditions satisfactory to the enforcing officer for disinfection, treatment, or diagnosis, or no detriment can be caused by its return to its point of origin at the option and expense of the owner or possessor.

(b) Notwithstanding Section 2117, for the purposes of this section, “enforcing officer” means the enforcement personnel of the department, the state plant quarantine officers, and county agricultural commissioners.

Citation: Cal. Fish & Game Code § 2186.

It is unlawful to capture any game mammal, game bird, nongame bird, nongame mammal, or furbearer, or to possess or confine any live game mammal, game bird, nongame bird, nongame mammal, or furbearer taken from the wild, except as provided by this code or regulations made pursuant thereto. Any bird or mammal possessed or confined in violation of this section shall be seized by the department.

The commission may promulgate regulations permitting the temporary confinement of game mammals, game birds, nongame birds, nongame mammals, or furbearers for the purpose of treating the animals, if injured or diseased.

Citation: Cal. Fish & Game Code § 3005.5.