Wildlife Diseases - Acceptable Methods of Eradication and Reduction of Diseases - Iowa

1. Preserve whitetail that are purchased, propagated, confined, released, or sold by a hunting preserve shall be free of diseases considered reportable for wildlife, poultry, or livestock. The department may provide for the quarantine of diseased preserve whitetail that threaten the health of animal populations. 2. The landowner, or the landowner's veterinarian, and an epidemiologist designated by the department shall develop a plan for eradicating a reportable disease among the preserve whitetail population. The plan shall be designed to reduce and then eliminate the reportable disease, and to prevent the spread of the disease to other animals. The plan must be developed and signed within sixty days after a determination that the preserve whitetail population is affected with the disease. The plan must address population management and adhere to rules adopted by the department. The plan must be formalized as a memorandum of agreement executed by the landowner or landowner's veterinarian and the epidemiologist. The plan must be approved by the department.; As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. “Commission” means the natural resource commission as created pursuant to section 455A.6. 2. “Department” means the department of natural resources as created pursuant to section 455A.2.;

Citation:  I.C.A. § 484C.12; I.C.A. § 484C.1;