Wildlife Diseases - Authority and Jurisdiction - Illinois

The Department of Agriculture of the State of Illinois is authorized to enter into an agreement with the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, United States Department of the Interior, covering cooperation with funds, facilities and personnel in conducting a program which will prevent or minimize the economic depredations of wild and feral animals and commensal rodents, starlings and bird pests, abate their nuisances and reduce the transmission of disease to persons, domestic animals and wildlife.

Citation:  410 ILCS 90/1.

Invasive and exotic wild animals. The Department may prohibit or limit the importation, possession, release into the wild, take, commercialization of take, sale, and propagation of wild mammals, wild birds, and feral livestock that are not defined as protected species in Section 2.2 of this Act, to reduce risks of communicable diseases, nuisances, and damages to wild or domestic species, agricultural crops, property, and environment. The Department shall set forth applicable regulations in an administrative rule...

Citation: 520 ILCS 5/2.2a.

This Act shall be administered by and under the direction of the Department of Natural Resources. As used in this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms specified in the Sections following this Section and preceding Section 1.3 have the meanings ascribed to them in those Sections.

Citation: 520 ILCS 5/1.2.