Utah - Trapper Education

(1) The division shall provide a course of instruction in safe and responsible trapping, including instruction in: (a) the use of trapping devices; (b) trapping laws; (c) trapping ethics; (d) techniques in safely releasing nontarget animals; (e) firearms safety; (f) wildlife management; (g) proper catch handling; (h) trapper health and safety; and (i) ethics relating to the avoidance of conflicts with other public land users and private landowners. (2)(a) Certified instructors will, on a voluntary basis, give instruction in the course of furharvester education, as established by the division. (b) Upon the successful completion of the course, each participant in the furharvester education course shall be issued a certificate of completion in furharvester education.

Citation: Utah Code Ann. § 23-19-12.5 (West)