Pennsylvania - Trapper Education

(a) Cable restraint devices may be used from December 26 until the end of the established trapping season to harvest red fox, gray fox and coyote. Nontarget furbearing species incidentally captured in cable restraint devices during an open trapping season for that species may be taken and utilized, provided the trapper possesses all applicable licenses and permits. (b) Cable restraint devices may only be set by furtakers who have completed a certified cable restraint training course approved by the Director and possess a valid furtakers license, qualify for license and fee exemptions under section 2706 of the act (relating to resident license and fee exemptions) or qualify for trapping exceptions under section 2363 of the act (relating to trapping exception for certain persons). The Director will establish a fee for the course and the fee will only be what is necessary to cover the cost of the course. The trapper shall have a certificate from this course in possession while setting or checking sets using cable restraints and present the certificate upon the request of any person whose duty it is to enforce this title. (c) Cable restraints must be anchored to prevent the animal caught in the restraint from moving the restraint from the point it was originally anchored. (d) Cable restraints must be set to allow the animal caught in the restraint to move freely in a 360° arc for the entire length of the restraint without the risk of the cable restraint becoming entangled by any object. (e) Cable restraints must be set so that the bottom of the restraint cable loop is no less than 6 inches or greater than 12 inches above the first surface beneath the bottom of the cable restraint where the surface is ground, ice, crusted or packed snow or any other hard material. (f) Cable restraints will be considered traps for the purposes of the section 2361(a)(3), (4), (7), (8), (10), (12) and (14)--(16) of the act (relating to unlawful acts concerning taking of furbearers).

Citation: 58 Pa. Code § 141.66