Pennsylvania - Trapper Education

(a) Course registration fees. Upon application for enrollment in each fee-based hunter education course, a student shall remit the associated, nonrefundable course registration fee in the form of cash, credit card, check or money order. Checks or money orders must be made payable to the “Pennsylvania Game Commission.” (b) Online hunter-trapper education independent study. The Commission may develop and implement an online hunter-trapper education course of study as a convenience to license buyers seeking first-time or supplemental training and certification. The Director will establish the course of instruction and assess vendor fees that may be incurred through this course of instruction and certification. (c) Training certificate. The Commission will issue an appropriate certificate of training to each student who successfully completes an approved hunter education course. The Commission will issue a replacement hunter education training certificate to a person who provides sufficient affirmation or evidence of successful completion of that course of instruction. A certificate replacement fee shall be remitted by any person requesting a replacement hunter education training certificate. (d) Waiver. The Director may waive any course registration fee required by this section when the waiver is determined to be consistent with the Commission's hunter education training program or the intent of the act. (e) Establishment of fees. The Director will establish the value of a course registration fee or certificate replacement fee required under this section.

Citation: 58 Pa. Code § 143.12