Arizona - Trapper Education

A. A person applying for a trapping license must successfully complete a trapping education course conducted or approved by the department before being issued a trapping license. The department shall conduct or approve an educational course of instruction in responsible trapping and environmental ethics. The course shall include instruction on the history of trapping, trapping ethics, trapping laws, techniques in safely releasing nontarget animals, trapping equipment, wildlife management, proper catch handling, trapper health and safety and considerations and ethics intended to avoid conflicts with other public land users. A person must pass a written examination to successfully complete the course. The department shall not approve a trapping education course conducted by any person, agency, corporation or other organization for which a fee is charged greater than an amount the commission determines per person. B. A person who is born before January 1, 1967 or who has completed, from and after December 31, 1987 and before March 1, 1993, the voluntary trapper education course on responsible trapping conducted in cooperation with the Arizona game and fish department is exempt from subsection A of this section.

Citation: A.R.S. § 17-333.02