Invertebrates - Crustaceans - Maryland

(a)  Restrictions on possession, landing, etc. of lobster or lobster parts; minimum size limits. -- The Department may adopt rules and regulations to:
(1)  Restrict the possession, landing, selling, or transporting of any lobster or lobster parts;
(2)  Establish minimum size limits for lobsters.
(b)  Lobster harvest regulations; notice; hearings; publication. --  The Department shall publish a notice of any lobster harvest regulations proposed under this section, and of any subsequent amendments to the regulations, and shall hold a public hearing on the proposal unless a public hearing on a substantially similar proposal has been conducted in the State by a federal management authority with notice advertised by the Department as required by this section. The notice shall include the time and place of any hearing.

Citation: Md. NATURAL RESOURCES Code Ann. § 4-901