Invertebrates - Bees - New Mexico

A.  The board shall adopt regulations necessary for the administration and enforcement of the Bee Act [76-9-1 to 76-9-13 NMSA 1978] and through the department shall administer and enforce the Bee Act and regulations adopted by the board.
B.  The department has full power to deal with any contagious disease of bees which, in the opinion of the department, may be prevented, controlled or eradicated and shall perform such acts as, in the judgment of the department, may be necessary to control, eradicate or prevent the introduction, spread or dissemination of contagious diseases of bees.
C.  The department has authority to prohibit the shipment or bringing into the state [of] colonies or equipment capable of transmitting contagious disease from any state, territory or foreign country.

Citation: N.M. Stat. Ann. § 76-9-3