Maine - R3 Mandates

2. Promotion of hunting, fishing and camping. The commissioner may implement a program designed to promote fisheries and wildlife resources and attract hunters and anglers to the State. As part of this program, the commissioner may reduce the price of certain types of licenses for specified periods of time to promote license sales for hunting and fishing in the State. The commissioner may offer complimentary licenses as part of a department program or for promotional purposes. Any loss of revenue due to the issuance of complimentary licenses under this subsection may be offset by revenues from other department programs and funds dedicated to the Division of Public Information and Education. The commissioner may implement a program that expends funds for the purpose of recognizing individuals who contribute, either through volunteer efforts or some other form of contribution, to the mission of the department. These programs may include coordination of activities between the public and private sectors and utilization of promotional missions, exhibits, brochures, technical assistance and expertise as necessary to develop and promote hunting, fishing and camping activities within the State. The commissioner shall coordinate these programs with the activities of the Department of Economic and Community Development. Any purchases made as a result of that coordination must be by competitive bid.

Citation: Me. Rev. Stat. tit. 12, § 10108