Delaware - Jurisdiction for Cats


(g) “Feral cat”--An offspring of abandoned domestic cats who reverts to a semi-wild state and lives outside in family groups called colonies. Feral cats have a temperament of extreme fear and resistance to contact with humans. (h) “Feral cat caretaker”--A person or group of people who provide food and shelter to feral cats, and work or works to reduce colony numbers by working to spay and neuter the animals within their specific colony or colonies.

Del. Code Ann. tit. 16, § 3013F (West)

(2) “Non-native wildlife species” means those wildlife species exclusive of finfish, that, as determined by the Department, have not historically and naturally occurred in Delaware. Non-native wildlife species include but are not limited to those wildlife species, such as coyotes, that are or become present through natural range expansion or through human actions to include but not limited to unintentional or intentional introduction or release. Non-native wildlife species may include genetically modified native species. Non-native wildlife species do not include wildlife otherwise identified under this title as a game animal, game bird, or form of unprotected wildlife, and do not include feral cats and animals otherwise identified by statute as an agricultural commodity or livestock or determined to be an agriculture commodity or livestock by and in coordination with the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

Del. Code Ann. tit. 7, § 800 (West)