Ohio - Hunter Education

(B) The chief shall adopt rules to enter into a reciprocal agreement with participating states for the enhancement of compliance with hunting, fishing, and other wildlife laws. The agreement is named the wildlife violators compact. The agreement and the rules shall provide for the fair and impartial treatment of wildlife violators operating within participating states in recognition of the violators' due process rights.; (A) Upon conviction of any law relative to the taking, possession, protection, preservation, or propagation of wild animals or their habitat, or litter, or destruction or injury to persons or property while hunting or trapping, or safety or weapons violations, or license violations, or hunting, trapping or fishing without permission violations and the suspension of hunting or fishing or trapping rights and privileges of a person by any member state in the interstate wildlife violator compact, the chief or their designee shall revoke or suspend such rights and privileges and each hunting license, fur taker permit, deer permit, wild turkey permit, wetlands habitat stamp and fishing license issued to that person under Chapter 1531. or 1533. of the Revised Code. (1) Such revocation or suspension shall be imposed if a same or similar violation could have resulted in a suspension of such licenses, permits or privileges had the violation occurred in Ohio. (2) No fee for such a license or permit shall be returned to the person. (3) Such a revocation or suspension shall expire at the same time as the original suspension in the interstate wildlife violator compact member state.

Citation: R.C. § 1531.133; OAC 1501:31-1-03.