New Mexico - Hunter Education

The state game commission of the state of New Mexico is hereby authorized and empowered to acquire by purchase, gift, bequest or lease; and to hold, develop and improve lands for fish hatcheries, game farms, game refuges, bird refuges, resting and nesting grounds, field stations, dams, lakes, ditches, flumes, waterways, pipelines, canals, rights-of-way, trails, roads and for all purposes incidental to the propagation, preservation, protection and management of the game, birds, fish and wildlife of the state of New Mexico; The game animals and quadrupeds, game birds and fowl, and game fish as herein defined shall be protected and hunting, taking, capturing, killing or possession, or attempt to hunt, take, capture or kill of any or all species named herein shall be regulated by the state game commission under the authority of Chapter 117 of the 1931 Session Laws of the state of New Mexico.

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-4-1; N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-2-2