Montana - Hunter Education

(1) The department shall develop a remedial hunter education program for hunting law violators. (2) The program must be funded through money collected by a court pursuant to 87-6-905 through 87-6-908. (3) The department shall determine the qualifications for instructors, hire the instructors, and pay the instructors at a rate determined by the department. (4) A person who is sentenced by the court to complete a remedial hunter education course shall pay the costs directly attributable to the person's participation in the remedial hunter education program. (5) The course instructor shall notify the sentencing court of the participant's attendance record and of the participant's success or failure in completing the program. (6) A participant whose hunting, fishing, or trapping license has been revoked shall successfully complete the program before license privileges may be reinstated.

Citation: Mont. Code Ann. § 87-1-120 (West)