Missouri - Hunter Education

PURPOSE: This rule establishes methods of obtaining permits, restrictions on use, obligations, and validity. (1) Permits may be obtained only upon satisfaction of all requirements imposed by this Code, including payment of fees, at the time of application. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Card, Social Security number, Driver License number, or a Missouri Conservation identification number shall be required to purchase all permits except daily tags. (2) A permit for the taking of wildlife may be issued only to an individual and may be used only by the individual to whom it is issued. No permit, application for permit, method exemption, Missouri Conservation Heritage Card, or special hunting or fishing tag may be loaned, predated, falsified, altered, or misrepresented in any manner, except that a Missouri Conservation Heritage Card may be presented by another to purchase permits on behalf of the person named thereon. No firearms hunting permit shall be issued without containing the hunter education certificate card number where applicable. (3) The acceptance of a permit or privilege or method exemption shall constitute an acknowledgement of the duty to comply with the provisions of this Code and to pursue wildlife in a safe manner, and all permits and privileges are conditioned upon such compliance. (4) Any person born on or after January 1, 1967, shall obtain and display an approved hunter education certificate card prior to purchase of any firearms hunting permit, except as exempted in 3 CSR 10-5.205. Any person purchasing a firearms hunting permit for another person who is required to be hunter education certified must display a valid hunter education certificate card bearing the name of the person for whom the permit is being purchased. A hunter education card need not be displayed if certification can be verified through direct access to computer data files. Hunter education certification shall be verified by permit vendors on all firearms hunting permits, except as exempted in 3 CSR 10-5.205. Hunter education certification shall be limited to persons eleven (11) years of age or older. The Missouri Conservation Heritage Card will be issued as a replacement for lost or damaged hunter education certificate cards (fee: two dollars ($2)). (5) Permits are nontransferable and are valid from date of purchase through the last day of February of the prescribed permit year; except the Migratory Bird Hunting Permit, the Resident Trapping Permit, and the Nonresident Furbearer Hunting and Trapping Permit shall be valid through June 30. Except as provided for permits purchased by telephone, no affidavit, receipt, or other document may be issued or used in lieu of the required permit. Temporary permit authorization number(s) allowing immediate use of permit privileges may be provided for permits (except deer and turkey permits) purchased through the department's authorized telephone sales service provider. The temporary permit authorization number(s) and picture identification must be carried at all times while hunting, fishing, or trapping until the actual permit(s) is received. Any permit issued or obtained by false statement or through fraud, or while privileges are revoked or denied by the commission, shall be invalid. AUTHORITY: sections 40 and 45 of Art. IV, Mo. Const. and section 252.240, RSMo 2000. [FNa] Original rule filed July 22, 1974, effective Dec. 31, 1974. Amended: Filed July 31, 1981, effective Jan. 1, 1982. Amended: Filed Aug. 3, 1984, effective Jan. 1, 1985. Amended: Filed Sept. 30, 1986, effective Jan.1, 1987. Amended: Filed Jan. 6, 1987, effective Jan. 1, 1988. Amended: Filed July 30, 1987, effective Jan. 1, 1988. Amended: Filed Oct. 2, 1987, effective Jan. 15, 1988. Amended: Filed Aug. 8, 1989, effective Jan. 1, 1990. Amended: Filed May 10, 1990, effective Jan. 1, 1991. Emergency amendment filed April 26, 1991, effective May 7, 1991, expired Sept. 3, 1991. Amended: Filed April 26, 1991, effective Oct. 31, 1991. Emergency amendment filed Nov. 2, 1992, effective Jan. 1, 1993, expired Jan. 15, 1993. Amended: Filed April 28, 1992, effective Jan. 15, 1993. Amended: Filed April 27, 1994, effective Jan. 1, 1995. Amended: Filed June 20, 1995, effective Jan. 1, 1996. Amended: Filed June 5, 1996, effective March 1, 1997. Amended: Filed June 27, 1996, effective March 1, 1997. Amended: Filed May 6, 1998, effective March 1, 1999. Amended: Filed June 11, 1998, effective March 1, 1999. Amended: Filed May 10, 1999, effective March 1, 2000. Amended: Filed Aug. 11, 1999, effective March 2, 2000. Amended: Filed April 24, 2000, effective March 1, 2001. Amended: Filed April 30, 2001, effective March 1, 2002. Amended: Filed May 9, 2002, effective March 1, 2003. Amended: Filed Oct. 9, 2003, effective March 30, 2004. Amended: Filed Sept. 29, 2004, effective Feb. 28, 2005. Amended: Filed Sept. 14, 2005, effective Feb. 28, 2006. Amended: Filed Sept. 27, 2007, effective Feb. 29, 2008. Amended: Filed Oct. 10, 2008, effective July 1, 2009. Amended: Filed March 23, 2009, effective March 1, 2010. Amended: Filed Jan. 4, 2011, effective July 1, 2011. [FNa] Original authority: 252.240, RSMo 1972, amended 1984.

Citation: 3 Mo. Code of State Regulations 10-5.215