Minnesota - Hunter Education

Subdivision 1. Definition. For the purpose of this section, “accompanied” means to stay within a distance of another person that permits uninterrupted visual contact and unaided verbal communication. Subd. 2. Apprentice-hunter-validation requirements. (a) A resident or nonresident born after December 31, 1979, who is age 12 or over and who does not possess a hunter education firearms safety certificate may be issued an apprentice-hunter validation. An apprentice-hunter validation may be purchased two license years in a lifetime and used to obtain hunting licenses during the same license year that the validation is purchased. (b) An individual in possession of an apprentice-hunter validation may hunt small game, deer, and bear only when accompanied by an adult who has a valid license to hunt the same species of game in Minnesota and whose license was not obtained using an apprentice-hunter validation. (c) When an individual in possession of an apprentice-hunter validation is hunting turkey or prairie chicken under paragraph (b), the accompanying adult may be licensed for another permit area or time period but must be licensed for the same season as the apprentice hunter. If the accompanying adult is not licensed for the same permit area or time period as the apprentice hunter, the accompanying adult may not shoot or possess a firearm or bow while accompanying the apprentice hunter under this paragraph. (d) An apprentice-hunter-validation holder must obtain all required licenses and stamps.

Citation: M.S.A. § 97B.022